The Beverages You Love for the Way You Live

Our Story

Belmont Springs® water has been satisfying customers in the Northeast with quality, refreshing bottled water since 1876. George Cotton first purchased the property where the original spring was located high on a hill in Belmont, Massachusetts, tapping into a water source discovered and enjoyed by Native Americans over 300 years ago. Today, as a favorite American brand, Belmont Springs continues to offer several types of bottled water – including spring, purified, distilled and fluoridated – to homes, offices and retailers throughout Boston and the New England area.

Your Total Beverage Solution

In addition to 3- and 5-gallon bottled water delivery, Belmont Springs® provides the following quality products and services for home and office:

Our popular brand Belmont Springs delivers bottled water throughout Bloomfield, Boston, Bridgewater, Hartford, Holyoke, Manchester, New Haven, Portland (ME), Providence and Springfield (MA).

Beyond our reputation for quality products and services, we're just as proud of our long tradition of giving back to the communities we serve – from fitness and education initiatives to providing bottled water during emergencies and natural disasters. What's more, we are proud to have received the International Bottled Water Association award for "Excellence in Manufacturing" for independent safety and quality assurance audits.